Setup Fingerprint login in System76 Pop!OS and Ubuntu

Well my first System76 laptop was BonoboWS and came with Ubuntu 16.04 pre-installed .

Recently system76 announced their own distro based on Ubuntu called Pop!OS . So why not give a try ? it should be completely compatible with their laptops right ? well yes it is but like the ubuntu there wasnt any option for fingerprint login in it ! again ,

and if you search system76 support page there is nothing about fingerprint . i myself really want that option so lets find out how to

setup and use it .

First of all lets install latest system76 driver by own official PPA

after that use the command “lsusb” and if your drivers installed correctly you will see something like this

the LighTuning Technology Inc. is the device for you fingerprint reader so you should be able to use it .

We are going to double check it by installing fprint-demo

after installation run this command , “SHOULD BE RUN AS ROOT or WITH SUDO”

An application will pop up and ask you to enroll your finger, if it works and captured your fingerprint you are all fine .

now its time to add authenticating with fingerprint option to your OS .

after all install

the restart your system .

after reboot go to user section from Settings > details > users

now you can see fingerprint login has been added and disabled by default. enable it and set your fingerprint to use it .

next time you want to login to your OS use your fingerprint or password .

if you are using ubuntu to get login with fingerprint option do as following

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